Roots of a vision


On September 30 2016, Co-founder Jaba Naraddage finishes an exam in Medical physiology and heads to a Finance-club cocktail party at University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign. There he meets Musa Sulejmani, CEO and founder of Volume technologies, and both discuss their interest in the growing startup market and the innovative technology that drives it. Shortly after joining the Volume team, he is introduced to Phillip (Cubby) A. Knox, head of multimedia and event manager. They both quickly bond over their own experience in media, Knox over 10 years in commercial photography, Naraddage over 7 years in video-editing and videography. After aiding Volume through several events, ad and video promotions, the multimedia team grows further, employing some of the best graphical designers and brand consultants on campus. 

April 5th, 2017, Phillip A. Knox signs as Chief Executive officer (CEO), Jaba Naraddage as Chief Operating officer (COO), and both as co-founders successfully file for an S-class Corporation. With the team assembled, the aperture lens open, and innovative thought to match, ShutterVision inc. is born.